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5 jun 2014
Dear Staff-team,

My name is Joran, (IGN: Jorandg).
I am 14 years old, born at the 10th of March.
Im from the Netherlands. (Timezone): [GMT +1].
I can speak understandable English and Dutch.
(And a little bit Deutch and French).

I'd like to be a Helpdesk because I see regularly people with issues, unfortunately the staff members aren't that much online so people will use bad langauge / insulting each other, such as: You retard! ******, get cancer, I won't accept that. There are a lot of people saying: Oh no! He is hacking! So I'd like to help them, for example: send them record-sites to let them record the hackers so they'll have some proof to show. I also will warn people who are swearing, I'll give them 2 warnings and the 3rth time I will mute them, based on the words they used. Like:
Cancer : 15 minutes.
retard/****** etc. : 5/10 minutes.

People who don't want to follow the rules can expect a ban/mute.
For example:
Insulting/swearing - (Depends on which words they used). [Mute/Ban].
Hacking - 100% proof: 3 - 7 days. 50% proof: a warning. [Warn/Ban].
Not respectful to staff - 15 minutes mute. [Mute].
Abuse Powers - (Depends on how you abused them). [Warn/Ban].
Advertising - Permanent Ban. [Ban].
Spamming - Mute, and if this will go multiply times, I'll ban. [Mute/Ban].

This will be the list from when I'm online for the next few weeks:
(It actually depends on which homework I've got).
Monday: 16:00 ~ 21:30 [GMT +1].
Tuesday: 16:30 ~ 21:30 [GMT +1].
Wednesday: 18:00 ~ 22:00 [GMT +1].
Thursday: 18:00 ~ 21:00 [GMT +1].
Friday: 16:00 ~ 24:00 [GMT +1].
Saturday: +5 Hours.
Sunday: +5 Hours.

My motivation is to help people. I will listen to their story and tell them what I think is the best. Like someone tell me ''that guy is hacking'', I'll tell them to record it. If they say: he/she is swearing, I'll tell them to screen.

My experience isn't that good, I won't lie about the fact that this is my first application. I've been on another server staff but that was a server with 30 players. I Always say everyone have to begin anywhere ^.^ , so I hope you'll give me the chance to start at this server.

(You can contact me at Skype: joran497)


Actueel nemen wij niemand aan naar de hand van een sollicitatie. Als wij nieuwe staffleden zoeken nemen wij contact met die mensen wanneer ze nodig zijn

Fijne dag verder gewenst. :)


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remymine ✔
17 sep 2013
Standaard spam bericht dat je op meerdere websites neergooit.
Ik sluit dit topic.
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