Hi there folks!


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26 okt 2014
Hi I'm Micha

@remymine posted a reply on a thread on the Spigot forums, that's how I found this server.
I visited the servers website and it seemed like it's a pretty good server.
I hope ya'll gonna like me.

About me:

My IGN is micha4real
I'm 14 years old.
I live in The Netherlands.
I speak Dutch and English. (I'm not sure in what language I should write this thread:confused:).
Uhm, yeah I think that was about it.

Servers I played on before:
ArkhamNetwork, HyPixel, JujuCraft, FightCraft and MinePlex <-- I hate MinePlex now....

Am I nice:
Mostly, I think yeah ;)

Do I rage much:
If you make me really mad. :mad:

Am I dangerous:
Just a little bit. :)

Ik spreek dus ook Nederlands.

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