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My minecraft story:
Hello there! My name is xEvilCraftx. I am one of the Moderators here on The Haunted Network. My work today is to tell you more about The Haunted Network.
The Haunted Network is an awesome Minecraft server network with bunch of awesome people in it including donators, staff, owners and the greatest thing; the most friendliest and nicest community of them all.

We are here to provide you with the best experience possible when playing on Minecraft! With our different game modes and legendary creative server you will be nothing but astonished! We are always in the process of creating something new in our server. We listen our players and react to their wishes.

When you are playing in The Haunted network servers, you feel like you are a part of something, something really awesome and inspiring. There is no barricade between regular players and staff. We are all one! We form the most glorious family of Minecraft!

All builds have been created by our awesome community. In The Haunted Network you are allowed to express your creativity and talent. Every one of you is important!

We are simple, we are beautiful, we are unique: We are HauntedMC!

We all welcome you warmly to The Haunted Network. Join us today! Just leave a comment if you want :P

Best regards from, xEvilCraftx

My personal story:

Name: Sorry I am not telling you my realname
Age: I am 16 year old
Where am I from?: I am original from the Netherlands
What game modes do I like ingame?: Mostly you can find me on Creative, Survival, Factions or Skyblock
What kind of food do I like?: This is pretty difficult to answer let's just say MACDONALD'S


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25 jan 2014
Vertaal m naar t nederlands ben niet zo goed in engels :P Eig hoeft t niet want ik weet genoeg van je lolz
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27 apr 2014
evil een vraagje ben je engels want je naam is xEvilCraftx, kan ook een leuke naam zijn voor de lol
Maar op het Nederlands is het xGemeenMaakx. Lol